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Will America Lose Its Lead?
Can USA stay in first place, forever?

Added: 129 months ago
By: Mike4114
Views: 132,927
Comments: 7
2012 American Presidential...
Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney - political power battle in full swing!

Added: 114 months ago
By: Kyle4Chan
Views: 125,897
Comments: 27
David Petraeus Quits
CIA Director David Petraeus out after extramarital affair.

Added: 110 months ago
By: Mike4114
Views: 122,643
Comments: 29
Boston Marathon Bomb Evacuation
April 15, 2013 explosion triggered martial action.

Added: 104 months ago
By: Donn2Trac
Views: 118,668
Comments: 7
Know Anyone in the U.S....
Memorial Day on Monday, May 27, 2013.

Added: 103 months ago
By: JKid007
Views: 117,905
Comments: 31
U.S. Govt. Shuts as...
American politics gridlocked.

Added: 99 months ago
By: Manster
Views: 114,774
Comments: 17
Tea Party Upsets Cantor and...
Political fallout from Eric Cantor election loss.

Added: 91 months ago
By: Manster
Views: 108,471
Comments: 21
Obama Legalizes 5M...
Executive action blocks deporting millions of illegal immigrants for 3 years.

Added: 85 months ago
By: Cristo79
Views: 104,613
Comments: 27
Hillary Clinton Running vs....
U.S. 2016 presidential candidates: who will run?

Added: 80 months ago
By: KanoBet7
Views: 97,884
Comments: 25
Official Nuclear War...
Obama is 1st active U.S. President to visit Hiroshima, site of 1st atomic attack.

Added: 67 months ago
By: Manster
Views: 72,793
Comments: 18
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