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Will "Occupy Wall Street"...
"Occupy" protests grow, across 847 U.S. cities.

Added: 122 months ago
By: Kyle4Chan
Views: 129,196
Comments: 11
Best Wishes for New Year
Don't give up… create new hopes and dreams!

Added: 119 months ago
By: NickyAn99
Views: 128,381
Comments: 17
Betty White Joins Twitter @...
That's aging actively and gracefully!

Added: 115 months ago
By: PaulaGo4U
Views: 125,993
Comments: 19
Arsenio Hall Back on Late...
Arsenio brings his celeb couch back to television!

Added: 111 months ago
By: TaBean92
Views: 122,876
Comments: 15
Sandy Hook Gun Shooting...
American gun control debate on again.

Added: 107 months ago
By: Kyle4Chan
Views: 119,671
Comments: 9
Cheers, It's a New Year!
Make the most of the fresh year!

Added: 94 months ago
By: Ana979
Views: 110,346
Comments: 7
Ke$ha Out of Rehab After 2...
Eating disorder made her sick!

Added: 92 months ago
By: PaulaGo4U
Views: 108,630
Comments: 23
Michael Brown Death...
100+ Cities Join "National Moment of Silence" on August 14, 2014.

Added: 87 months ago
By: EarlCarma
Views: 104,711
Comments: 13
Derek Jeter… Pure Yankee,...
Jeter said, "I've lived the dream since I was 4 or 5 years old. Part of the dream is over now."

Added: 85 months ago
By: ChrisDean19
Views: 104,893
Comments: 25
Ebola Virus Hits American...
Should America isolate returning health workers from Africa?

Added: 85 months ago
By: Donn2Trac
Views: 103,135
Comments: 19
Happy New Year… ;)
Take care and be well my friends!

Added: 82 months ago
By: PaulaGo4U
Views: 102,602
Comments: 11
Net Neutrality Protects...
Understanding equal Internet access can be tricky.

Added: 80 months ago
By: Mike4114
Views: 98,820
Comments: 14
Pope Francis Visits Cuba &...
Meets Presidents, Congress, UN, families, homeless, and prisoners.

Added: 73 months ago
By: IreneLiga
Views: 86,261
Comments: 16
Continued Mass Migration To...
Immigration increasing since early 2000's, as millions flood into Europe.

Added: 69 months ago
By: KanoBet7
Views: 80,091
Comments: 29
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